Magic Theory

For the past century physicists have been trying to formulate a theory to unify all known laws of physics into a single equation to describe the behaviour of the universe. Obviously, one can imagine that this is not the easiest task so the question may be asked; why would we need to do this? Well, simplicity has always been a matter of taste; however, a single theory could mean that we would be able to predict certain future aspects of the universe much more easily. Continue reading “Magic Theory”

Quantum Teleportation


Over the past millennia, there has been a rapid change in commonly employed modes of transportation. Movement from one place to another has become relatively quicker and easier and the human race is heavily dependent on such systems. This dependence, in turn, has resulted in many advances in transport technology to further evolve different ways of getting from point A to B. But what is the fastest possible speed of travel? Einstein was a firm believer that the speed of light was a barrier that could not be broken.
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