Mind Reading: The Science Behind the Superpower

Will it be possible to read minds in the future? Sophie Dixon examines the current research and future possibilities of mind reading.

Mind reading, the phenomena that has for so long been considered a fantasy, is becoming a more realistic possibility. While mind reading devices for casual communication are still a long way off, the ability to translate a person’s brain activity into written text, a process known as neurotelepathy, has already been achieved.
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Thorium: The Nuclear Fuel of the Future?

Thorium is described by its proponents as a “superfuel”. Marion Cromb asks what makes it better than what we have now?

Currently, nuclear reactors use enriched uranium as fuel. It is 96% uranium isotope U-238, and just 4% fissile U-235. Fissile isotopes split when hit by a neutron, and are the only isotopes capable of sustaining a nuclear chain reaction. While uranium power is a thousand times more efficient than fossil fuels, reactors utilise less than 1% of their fuel and generate plutonium waste that is dangerously radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years.
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