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Mind Reading: The Science Behind the Superpower
Will it be possible to read minds in the future? Sophie Dixon examines the current research and future possibilities of mind reading.

Mind reading, the phenomena that
Ludwig Prandtl: The Father of Modern Aerodynamics
Take smooth flights for granted? Siddharth Trivedi meets the man behind the mechanics.

Born in Freising, Germany in 1875, Ludwig Prandtl spent a significant portion
Printing the Earth
3D printing is fast becoming one of the most exciting technical advances for geological science. The ability to incorporate this into research and industry could have a vast effect on the future of
How Safe is Your Biometric Data?
Recently, Japanese researchers at the National Institute of Informatics (NII) have managed to recreate fingerprints based on photos taken up to three metres away from the subject. High
Osman Kent: An Improbable Journey
Interview and article by Phillipa Jefferies, Joanna Chustecki and Sara Jebril With thanks to the EPS Community and Alumni Relations Office.

On Wednesday 8th March Osman Kent, computer