1’s and 0’s fly through the air,

The speed of light never too far,

I can call my toaster

And tell it to print a rose today.

The power running through the veins of my house

Is spun so far away,

I cannot hear the chimes of that wind,

Just the buzz in the world around me.

The other side of the world,

A clock is striking midnight,

But I am still talking to you,

The wires connecting us, invisible.

The softness of your voice

The hum on the airwaves

I can hear everything at once,

When I stop to sigh.

My mother calls through computers

My father dances to music

He never used to hear.

And somewhere a child is sobbing,

Finding solace in someone not near.

1’s and 0’s fly though the air and I am calling your 5am midnight,

The loneliness that chills my bones,

Can only be there

When the line goes dead.

Jade Sadler

Image Credit: Federico Abatecola

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