From Snorlax to Science

Augmented reality is fast becoming a technology of the everyday for millions around the world. Pokémon Go may have seemed like a simple mobile game, yet it signalled the arrival of AR into mainstream public consciousness. The ability to conjure and overlay virtual objects onto the real world is not just a defining advancement in the gaming industry, but also in how we live and operate on a day to day basis.

Our tablets and phones can act as interfaces to visualise a different reality, opening up endless possibilities not just for the individual. Forget pages of blueprints needed for construction or development…now, businesses can physically see how schools, hospitals or roads will lie on the land. It can be utilised in everything from navigation to interior design.

But most important is its impact on the world around us. The increased connectivity and interactivity with the natural and physical environment is a step that can lead to more environmental and social responsibility. Applications in disciplines such as environmental science and engineering will shape and reshape our environment.

So whether it’s catching Pikachu, Charizard or Bulbasaur, AR will continue to occupy and influence everyday science

Hope Steadman

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