Forget Keyboard and Mouse, What about Drones?

Chances are that today you’ve scrolled through Facebook on your phone or typed on your laptop. How we interact with computers isn’t something we really consider. However, it seems that the researchers at The Human Media Lab in Canada think a little differently. By using a small fleet of tiny flying drones, the researchers have forged a new way to interact with computers.

Working together, the drones aim to make working more fluid than traditional computing. The system uses three drone types: Pixel drones that have a single LED; Shape drones that can be moved together to create 3D structures and Display drones that have a mini touchscreen interface. The user can drag drones to new locations, and use familiar gestures such as pinching and rotating. The creators of the technology predict many possible uses, including 3D modelling, gaming, medical imaging and robotics. Their practical vision is to create hundreds of smaller versions working together around the user to create a fully immersive 3D workspace. Now, isn’t that better than a keyboard and mouse!

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