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End of Term Quiz

The traditional end of term quiz.

Thursday 14th March, 7:30pm, Nuffield G13. Followed by observing, if clear, and finishing in Joe’s.

Postgraduate Talk: 25 Years of Astronomy

The Shoemaker-Levy comet, dark energy, the Curiosity Mars rover and much more; join us for the highlights of the last 25 years in the world of astronomy, as recounted by postgraduate student and AstroSoc outreach officer Sean Elvidge on his 25th birthday.

Thursday 7th March, 7:30pm, Nuffield G13. Followed by observing, weather permitting, and finishing in Joe’s.

Social: Ming Moon

Fantastic Chinese all you can eat buffet, with a traditional Chinese takeaway selection, an ‘open kitchen’ where chefs who will cook food to order while you watch, live music, a bar and a chocolate fountain!On Thursday 28th February, meeting at 7:45pm at University Station, or meet us at the restaurant by 8:30pm. The cost is £13, to be paid on entry, plus train fare.

Themed Observing: Star Clusters

Talk by Paul Carter on star clusters, cosmic jewels sometimes visible to the naked eye. Followed, weather permitting, by observing focusing on the Pleiades, Hyades and other main star clusters.

If the sky isn’t clear, we’ll have a training session on how to get the best out of our telescopes- feel free to bring yours along if you have one.

Thursday 21st February, 7:30pm, Nuffield G13

Film Night: Wall-e

It’s time again for the AstroSoc film night! This time it’s touching robot romance, Wall-e, set in the distant future on a deserted Earth. A must see for all sci-fi and Disney fans!

Thursday 14th February, 7:30pm, Nuffield G13.

Followed by observing if clear, and finishing in Joe’s.

AGM and Neutron Stars: Undergraduate Talk

Come along of the 7th February to out Annual General Meeting, electing your AstroSoc committee for the coming 12 months.

Followed by a talk by Kristian Zarębski

“Neutron stars are a lesser known wonder of the astronomical miscellany. They are rapidly spinning fragments from colossal stellar explosions…”

Finishing with the traditional post-AGM curry! Dishad, Selly Oak.

The History of Human Space Travel

On the 31st January, AstroSoc will receiving a postgraduate talk by Joe Walshe entitled “The History of Human Space Travel” .

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Binary Stars

Thursday the 17th January 2013 we will be having a undergraduate talk from Hasini Janapriya on the subject of Binary Stars:

Twin stars have captured the imagination of many over the past few decades, but are still not very well understood. Join us as we attempt to explore the life and death of binary stars: from gas cloud to black hole binary.

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BBC Stargazing Live 2013 – Visitor Information

At AstroSoc we’re looking forward to seeing you at our BBC Stargazing Live events, and hope you enjoy the activities that we and all our partners put on. Please remember that this is a ticketed event only! If you don’t have a ticket, please see here.

In order to try and make your experience as enjoyable as possible, please take a moment to read this additional information. Continue reading

BBC Stargazing Live 2013 – Final Tickets

Our BBC Stargazing Live events will be rolling out this week and we hope that all ticket holders are looking forward to the event. For anyone who does not have a ticket unfortunately the BBC’s tickets are sold out. However, we have an additional, though limited, number available for staff and students of the University being distributed by AstroSoc Committee members.

To get one of these last tickets, Committee members will be around the Poynting Physics Coffee Lounge at 1pm on Monday 7th and at 1pm on Thursday 10th. If you can’t make those times please contact us and we can arrange something for you.

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