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Sir Patrick Moore dies

On the 9th December, the astronomy world was shaken by the death of Sir Patrick Moore, the long-standing and enthusiastic presenter who inspired many people over his active years to enter the hobby of stargazing.

His lifelong interest in astronomy led him to an incredible career, setting the record for being the longest-serving presenter on a television series, alongside several other accomplishments including acting as president for both the British Astronomical Association and the Society for Popular Astronomy.

“The Sky at Night”, Moore’s television series and greatest claim to fame, began in  1957 and has run for over 700 episodes since then. The longevity of the show has allowed it to inspire generations of people to get involved with astronomy, from amateur stargazing right through to professional research.

AstroSoc have a special connection to Sir Patrick, beginning with his visit to our society in the 1980s and extending through to the present days, where our public lectures are still called the “Patrick Moore Lecture Series” in his honour.

We are very sorry to hear of the death of Sir Patrick Moore, both due to the profound influence he had on astronomy during his lifetime, and due to his past involvement with our society. We are sure that his presence will continue to be felt by the scientific community and all those with a passion for looking at the stars.

BBC Stargazing Live 2013

AstroSoc is teaming up with the BBC and other astronomical societies to bring you the Birmingham Stargazing Live 2013 event! There are going to be lots of activities, talks and fun for all ages and, best of all, it’s free! Taking place at the University of Birmingham on Wed 7th Jan and Sat 12th Jan. You can apply for tickets to both dates here:
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Thank you to the 2012 Committee!

As the 2012 Winter term draws to an end, we here at AstroSoc are also preparing to round off the year.

We have had a great 2012, with several successful public lectures and outreach events, as well as social events and stargazing sessions for our members. Rest assured that more of the same is being planned for 2013!

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TTT: Prof Trevor Ponman

On Thursday 29th November 2012 Prof Trevor Ponman will be taking a Tea, Talk and Telescope session. With a talk entitled “How Hot is the Universe?”

‘Conditions here on Earth can give a very misleading picture of the
Universe at large. How hot do you think most of the matter in the Universe is? In this talk we will take a quick look at what the Universe is made of. We will then explore what modern astronomy has revealed about the state of the atomic matter – the only component we understand – and we will ask how it got that way.’

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Space Weather Balloon/Film night

Following on from last weeks success with the balloon project this week, time has been allocated to finishing of preparation for the launch. Also on option will be the film “Iron Sky” with excellent reviews. Iron Sky is a movie ficticional sci-fi comedy about Nazi’s who have a base on the dark side of the moon.

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AstroSoc visits ThinkTank

On the 3rd November, AstroSoc visited the ThinkTank science museum, which was exciting and fun for all involved. The day was a mixture of discovery and a chance to let the inner scientific child out.  Evolution, environment and energy awaited the party at the entrance, with a collection of animal specimens and a look behind the curiosities of nature. Recycling and sustainability was also on the first floor, with information on our throw away culture and the impact it will have upon global warming.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Malcolm

On October 27th our former chair, Kym Goss, married Jonathan Malcolm on a fantastic day in the beautiful Samlesbury Hall, to become Mr. & Mrs. (soon to be Dr. & Dr.!) Malcolm. Continue reading

Space Weather Balloon Project

Preparation for AstroSoc’s Space Weather Balloon project will continue on the 15th November 2012. The plan of the project is eventually to send a balloon up to an altitude of 30km. Continue reading

Make Your Own 1/44 Scale LEM*

* out of paper!

It’s paper crafting night! Come along for a chilled evening of chat and paper.

Sadly, we don’t have usual room this evening so we plan to be in the Physics Coffee Lounge. This isn’t final however, but people will be around the physics area to guide you to where we are!

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Great Dropbox Space Race

Loads of people at the University use Dropbox, and here is a way we can all get at least an extra 3GB of space for the next couple of years!  Continue reading

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