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New Committee

Thank you to everyone one who came to our AGM tonight, and congratulations to our new committee:

Chair: Paul Carter
Secretary: Kristian Zarebski
Treasurer: Bethany Cook
Events: James Delaney
Outreach: Callum Bellhouse
Equipment: Nathan Adams
Publicity: Sophie Meredith

Patron: Sean Elvidge

Film Night: Airplane II

‘A faulty computer causes a passenger space shuttle to head straight for the Sun. Can Ted Striker save the day and get the shuttle back on track–again?’

This term’s film is the 80s space comedy, Airplane II. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the first one, this one’s exactly the same- only in space!

Nuffield G13, 7:30pm, Thursday 6th February 2014. Followed by observing, weather permitting, and finishing in Joe’s.

Annual General Meeting and Curry

Come along if you’re interested in being on the AstroSoc committee 2014, or would like to have a say in who is on it, and any possible amendments to our constitution. Followed by curry, most likely at Dilshad, Selly Oak.

Full details of committee positions and our constitution can be found in the ‘About Us’ section. Nuffield G13, 17:00, WEDNESDAY 5th February 2013.

Astrobiology: The Hunt for Alien Life, by Dr Lewis Dartnell

Our Tea Talk and Telescope series continues on Thursday 23rd January 2014, in Poynting Large Lecture Theatre at 7:30pm.

‘Astrobiology’ is a brand new field of science, encompassing research into the origins and limits of life on our own planet, and where life might exist beyond the Earth. But what actually is ‘life’ and how did it emerge on our own world? What are the most extreme conditions terrestrial life can tolerate? And where in the cosmos might we reasonably expect to find ET?

Join Dr. Lewis Dartnell on a tour of the other planets and moons in our solar system which may harbour life, and even further afield to alien worlds we’ve discovered orbiting distant stars, to explore one of the greatest questions ever asked: are we alone…?

Tea and coffee served in the Poynting Coffee Lounge from 7:00pm. Followed by observing, weather permitting.

Welcome Meeting & Telescope Workshop

We’ll be catching up on the astronomy news from over Christmas, and then going onto the roof of the Poynting building for some observing or, if the weather is unfavourable, holding a telescope workshop. Finishing in Joe’s.

This week’s meeting is in the LEARNING CENTRE UG06, 7.30pm, Thursday 16th January 2014.

Patrick Moore Christmas Lecture: the UK Space Agency

As an Executive agency of the UK government the UK Space Agency are responsible for all space exploration from the UK, and are our representatives for all negotiations with other agencies. 2013 has brought with it a whole host of new space missions, many of which have caught the public imagination. We will be guided through some of the highlights of these missions and discuss the future challenges that face the UK in furthering our space programme.

Poynting Large Lecture Theatre, 7.30pm, Thursday 12th December 2013. Tea and mince pies served from 7:00pm in the Poynting Coffee Lounge. Followed by observing, weather permitting, and finishing in Joe’s.

Christmas Quiz

This week at AstroSoc we have our annual Christmas Quiz!

Followed by observing, weather permitting, and finishing in Joe’s.┬áNuffield G13, 7.30pm Thursday 5th December 2013

High Altitude Project a success!

After launching last weekend, the AstroSoc weather balloon has been successfully retrieved from the top of a tree near Bournemouth, and the photos from the edge of space (roughly 37km altitude) clearly show the curvature of the Earth!

Balloon 2balloon 3balloon 4balloon 5balloon 6balloon 7balloon 8Balloon

Undergraduate Talk: Exoplanets

by Bethany Cook

In 1992 the first planet outside of our solar system was discovered. Now, there are over 1000 known exoplanets and many more yet to be confirmed. But what do we know of other stellar systems, and what methods are we using to detect these many new worlds? Come along to find out!

Thursday 28th November, 7:30pm in Nuffield G13. Followed by observing weather permitting, and finishing in Joe’s.

The Annual Space Race: Pub Crawl

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, it’s the sixth annual pub crawl, this time in space themed fancy dress. So roll out that tin foil, spray paint those antennae, we’re off to Selly Oak’s pubs.

Thursday 21st November, 2013. Starting Joe’s bar, the Guild.

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