Previous Events:

Spring 2018

Thursday 11th January– Mars Rover Challenge
Wednesday 18th January – Postgrad Talk: The Plurality of Worlds
Thursday 25th January – Social Meal
Thursday 1st February – Undergraduate Talk: Astronaut Selection
Thursday 8th February – Tea, Talk, & Telescope
Thursday 15th February – Movie Night
Thursday 22nd February – Undergraduate Talk: An Astronomy Slide Show
Thursday 1st March – Asteroids & Accretion
Thursday 8th March – Postgrad Talk by Jack Jenkins
Thursday 15th March – Undergraduate Talk: Space is Cool (and also Hot)
Thursday 22nd March – Easter Quiz

Spring 2017

Thursday 12th January – The Mysteries of Black Holes, Cole Miller
Thursday 19th January – Vincent’s Undergraduate Talk: Mission to Mars
Thursday 26th January – Film Night: ‘The Martian’
Thursday 2nd February – Spring Social Meal
Thursday 9th February – Alice’s Undergraduate Talk: The Meaning of Life
Wednesday 15th February – AGM
Thursday 16th February – Luke’s Undergrad Talk: Rockets and Relativity
Thursday 23rd February – Paul’s Undergrad Talk: Moons of the Solar System
Wednesday 1st March – TTT – Dr Chamkaur Ghag: Search for Dark Matter
Thursday 2nd March – Telescope & CCD Training Session
Thursday 9th March – Board Game and Pizza Night
Thursday 16th March – Postgraduate Talk – James Kuszlewicz: Astroseismology
Thursday 23rd March – Treasurer’s Easter Quiz

Spring 2014

Thursday 16th January – Welcome Meeting & Telescope Workshop
Thursday 23rd January –  TTT – Dr Lewis Dartnell
Thursday 30th January – Astronomy at Home
Wednesday 5th February – AGM
Thurday 6th February – Film Night
Thursday 13th February – Starting Astronomy: Favourite Objects
Thursday 20th February – Themed Observing: Planets
Thursday 27th February – Ming Moon
Thursday 6th March – ‘Sunny, with a mild chance of catastrophe’ by Sean Elvidge
Saturday 8th March – Following Galileo: Jupiter Watch 2014
Thursday 13th March -Themed Observing: Nebulae
Thursday 20th March – Mars Rover Paper-craft and Mission challenge
Thursday 27th March – End of Term Quiz

Winter 2013 Events:

Sat 28th September – High Altitude Weather Balloon Launch 2
Thurs 3rd October – Welcome Meeting
Thurs 10th October – Starting Astronomy: How a Telescope Works and a History of Observing
Thursday 17th October – Undergraduate Talk: Living on Mars, by James Delaney
Thurs 24th October – Film Night
Thurs 31st October – Talk: Recreating the Big Bang by Professor David Evans
Thurs 7th November- Vale Fireworks
Thursday 14th November- Themed Observing: Meteor Showers
Thurday 21st November – Annual Space Race (Pub Crawl)
Thurs 28th November – Undergraduate Talk: Exoplanets, by Bethany Cook
Thurs 5th December – End of Term Quiz
Thursday 12th December – Patrick Moore Memorial Lecture

Spring 2013 Events:

Wed 9th January – BBC Stargazing Live
Thurs 10th January – Welcome Meeting
Sat 12th January – BBC Stargazing Live
Thurs 17th January- Undergraduate Talk: Binary Stars, by Hasini Janapriya
Thurs 24th January – Themed Observing: Constellations
Thurs 31 January – Postgraduate Talk:
A History of Human Space Travel, by Joe Walshe
Thurs 7th February – AGM and Undergraduate Talk:
Neutron Stars, by Kristian Zarebski
Thurs 14th February – Film Night: Walle
Thurs 21st February -Themed Observing
Thurs 28th February – Social: Ming Moon
Thurs 7th March- Postgraduate Talk: 25 Years of Astronomy by Sean Elvidge
Thurs 14th March – Tea, Talk and Telescope
Thurs 21st march – End of Term Quiz

Autumn 2012 Events:

Fri 21st September – Solar Observing
Thurs 27th September – Welcome Meeting
Thurs 4th October – Tea by Dr Robin Catchpole: Climbing the Distance Scale ladder to the Edge of the Universe
Thurs 11th October – Astronomy 101
Thurs 18th October – What’s up there?
Thurs 25th October – Annual Space Race (pub craw)
Thurs 1st November – Build your own 1/44 scale LEM
Sat 3rd November – ThinkTank Trip
Thurs 8th November -Vale Fireworks
Thurs 15th November – Space Weather Balloon
Thurs 22nd November – Film Night: Iron Sky
Thurs 29th November – Talk by Prof. Trevor Ponman
Wed 5th December – Annual General Meeting
Thurs 6th December – End of Term Quiz

Spring 2012 Events:

Thurs 12th Jan Welcome Meeting
Thurs 19th Jan Observing (Undergrad talk if it is cloudy)
Thurs 26th Jan High Altitude Balloon Project Planning
Thurs 2nd Feb Undergraduate talk (Astrophotography by Tom North)
Thurs 9th Feb Observing (undergrad talk if it is cloudy)
Thurs 16th Feb High Altitude Balloon Project Planning
Thurs 23rd Feb Social (Details to come)
Thurs 1st Mar Film night
Thurs 8th Mar Postgraduate talk by Sean Elvidge (Space weather and it’s effect on the near Earth environment)
Thurs 15th Mar End of term quiz
Thurs 22nd Mar Tea, Talk and Telescope with Prof. Mike Cruise
All followed by observing if it is clear, and finishing in Joes.

Autumn 2011 Events:

Thurs 29th Sep Welcome Meeting, with Pizza!
Thurs 6th Oct Talk by Dr Somak Raychaudhury: Why we need to go to Space to Observe the Sky
Thurs 13th Oct Themed Observing: Constellations
Thurs 20th Oct Film Night
Thurs 27th Oct Themed Observing: Jupiter
Thurs 3rd Nov Vale Fireworks (no observing)
Thurs 10th Nov The Space Race Pub Crawl
Thurs 17th Nov Themed Observing: The moon
Thurs 24th Nov Tea, Talk and Telescope with the sci-fi writer Alastair Reynolds
Thurs 1st Dec Talk by Dr Mike Simms: To Here From Eternity: The extraordinary story of some ‘ordinary’ meteorites
Wed 7th Dec Annual General Meeting followed by Curry
Thurs 8th Dec The Chair’s Quiz
All followed by observing if it is clear, and finishing in Joes.

Spring 2011 Events:

Thurs 20th Jan Themed Observing: Constellations
Thurs 27th Jan Talk: The Apollo Moon Landings
Thurs 3rd Feb Undergraduate Talk
Thurs 10th Feb Themed Observing: The Moon
Thurs 17th Feb Undergraduate Talk
Thurs 24th Feb Film Night
Thurs 3rd Mar The Space Race
Thurs 10th Mar ‘Physics and Astronomy in Flatland’ by Sean Elvidge
Thurs 17th Mar Themed Observing
Sat 19th Mar Outreach Day: Flight of the Space Shuttles
Thurs 24th Mar Public talk by Prof Stephenson- Postponed
Thurs 31st Mar Quiz!
Sat 2nd Apr Visit to Leicester Space Centre
Tues 21st June Astrosoc Annual Dinner

Autumn 2010 Events:

Thurs 14th Oct Telescopes an Introduction
Thurs 21st Oct Postgraduate Talk
Thurs 28th Oct Lunar Observing
Thurs 4th Oct Astrosoc Film Night
Thurs 11th Nov Activity Session
Thurs 18th Nov Undergraduate Talk
Thurs 25th Nov Quiz

Autumn 2009 Events:

Thur 1st Oct Astronomy ice-breakers and tour of the roof
Wed 7th Oct Lucy Hawking talk, part of our Tea, Talk and Telescope programme
Thur 8th Oct Introduction to telescopes
Thur 15th Oct The Second Annual Space Race
Thur 22nd Oct Objects in Space: planets and meteors
Thur 29th Oct Astrosoc guest speaker Rod Jenkins: “Struggle in Space – What I did with my physics degree”
Fri 30th Oct IYA event: Moonwatch
Thur 5th Nov Astrosoc does Vale Fireworks
Thur 12th Nov Activity Night
Thur 19th Nov Astrosoc film night: The War of the Worlds
Thur 26th Nov Post grad talk
Thur 3rd Dec Lunar observing
Wed 9th Dec Astrosoc AGM followed by curry
Thur 10th Dec Christmas Quiz

Spring 2009 Events:

March 9th David Levy talk and related events – David Levy is a Jewish Canadian astronomer and science writer most famous for his co-discovery in 1993 of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, which collided with the planet Jupiter in 1994.
Pi Day Celebrations
February 14th – daytime fun at Cannon Hill Park, part of our IYA related events, the main event is organised by the Friends of Cannon Hill Park
March 21st – vernal equinox observing, IYA event.

Autumn 2008 Events:

Wed 24th Sep School of Physics and Astronomy Freshers Fair, come and find out more about astrosoc there, and you can always join!
Fri 26th Sep The Guild’s Societies Fair, come and find out more about astrosoc there, and you can always join!
Thur 2nd Oct How to observe the wonders of the night sky
Sat 4th Oct Birmingham Space Day, all day in Poynting Physics, for more info see the space day site
Thur 9th Oct Lunar Observing (Full Moon is on the 14th)
Thur 16th Oct “Living in the Sun’s atmosphere” by Dr Lucie Green (MSSL) (7:00 Poynting Large Lecture Theatre), part of our Tea, Talk and Telescope Programme.
Thurs 23rd Oct The First Annual Space Race
Thurs 30th Oct Deep Sky Observing (New Moon on the 28th)
Sat 1st Nov Astrosoc at the University Observatory… (arrangements TBC)
Thurs 6th Nov Old Film Night “Journey to the Far Side of the Sun”
Thurs 13th Nov “Sounding The Heartbeat of Stars” talk by Neil Tarrant
Thurs 20th Nov “The 400th anniversary of the telescope” talk and hand on telescope building session workshop by Samuel George
Thurs 27th Nov Deep Sky Observing (New Moon on the 27th)
Sat 29th Nov Astrosoc at the University Observatory… (arrangements TBC)
Thur 4th Dec “Mirror images, antimatter and time reversal” by Prof Peter Kalmus OBE (QMUL) (7:00 Poynting Large Lecture Theatre), part of our Tea, Talk and Telescope Programme.
Wed 10th Dec 2pm – Astrosoc AGM followed by Christmas Lunch (TBC closer to the date)
Thurs 11th Dec Christmas Quiz and Party

Spring 2008:

13th Feb Open Lecture – Dr Edward Daw (University of Sheffield), “The Hunt for Gravitational Waves”, 11am West Lecture Theatre
20th Feb Open Lecture – Prof. Kevin Warwick (University of Reading), “Neural Implants: a new kind of medicine or the next evolutionary step?”, 11am West Lecture Theatre
24th Feb ThinkTank Trip
21st Feb Talk by Dr Martin Hendry (University of Glasgow) – Did we really land on the Moon? (7:00 Poynting Large Lecture Theatre)
8th May Talk by Dr Mike Hapgood (RAL) – “Space Weather and Lunar Exploration” (7:00 Poynting Large Lecture Theatre)
5th June 2008 Astrosoc Annual Dinner with guest speaker Dr William Chaplin
18th June Trip to Jodrell Bank Observatory

Autumn 2007 Events:

4th Oct Talk by Dr. Brian Cox – The Big Bang Machine (7:00 Poynting Large Lecture Theatre)
11th Oct Get to grips with telescopes and observing
18th Oct Themed observing night/ October Balti
25th Oct Themed observing night
1st Nov Vale Fireworks (meet 7pm in Joes and 8pm outside Shackelton on the Vale)
8th Nov Themed observing night
15th Nov Astrosoc, a brief history – talk by Samuel George
22nd Nov Moon buggy race, lets raise money for spotty day (£1 each) at 7pm!
29th Nov Quiz
6th Dec Talk by Dr. Paul Roche – The Faulkes Telescope project
13th Dec Themed observing night

7th Nov.: Prof. F. Taylor, Oxford, Weather and Climate of the Planets

14th Nov.: Dr. D. Evans, Birmingham, “Recreating the Big Bang using the World’s Largest Machine”
28th Nov.: Jay Tate, SpaceGuard UK, “The Science of “Armageddon”
5th December: Dr Sarah Callaghan
12th December: Prof. K. Warwick, Reading, Robotics

2006 Events:

Feb 8th – Observing Theme Night, The Solar System
Feb 15th – Missons with Moon Buggy Race
Feb 22nd – “The Greatest Show Not On Earth”, talk by Paul Whiting
Mar 1st – Film Night (bring along popcorn!)
Mar 8th – Observing Theme Night – Galaxies
Mar 15th – “Exoplanets and their Aurora”, talk by Samuel George
Mar 22nd – PPARC Evening Talk, Dr Ian Morison (Jodrell Bank Observatory, Manchester University) “Is there anyone out there?”
Mar 29th – No meeting, Astrosoc goes to the Guild awards – tickets are £3 each from Joes!
May 3rd – Imaging with Modified Webcams and Surveillance Cameras: Affordable CCD’s for the Amateur Astronomer, talk by Giles Hammond
June 16th – Annual Dinner at Edgbaston Golf Course

2004/2005 Events:

September 21st Autumn Newsletter Released
September 22nd Freshers’ Fair, School of Physics and Astronomy
September 23rd MOMD Fair, School of Physics and Astronomy
September 24th Freshers’ Fair, Guild of Students
September 30th “Welcome to the University Quiz” 7:30 onwards Q12
October 2nd FAS Convention
October 7th Intro to naked eye astronomy
October 9th Selly Oak Pub Crawl; Meet in Guild (Joes) 8pm, then Gun Barrels, OVT, Soak ending in the Bristol Pear.
October 13th OPEN LECTURE: Dr Nigel Banister “Lobsters eye on the Cosmos”
October 14th Binocular Astronomy; followed by social in the Guild
October 20th OPEN LECTURE: Prof. B.S. Sathyaprakash,
School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University “Quest for gravitational waves”
October 21st David Hardy ‘Art in Space’ Space Artist and the Annual October Balti
October 27th OPEN LECTURE: Andy Salmon “From Kazakhstan to the stars”
October 28th Lunar Eclipse Night
October 29th Astrosoc and Planetary Society “APOLLO – A MOON ODYSSEY ”
November 3rd OPEN LECTURE: Simon Singh “The History of the Big Bang” (journalist / author of Fermat’s Last Theorem see:
November 4th Vale Fireworks
November 10th OPEN LECTURE: Dr. David Whitehouse (of the BBC) “astronomy and space in the media”
November 11th Leonids Talk / Observing
November 18th Dr Colin Frayn “Mergers, Sabotage and Cannibalism – The Gruesome Evolution History of Nearby Galaxies”.
November 25th How to use a telescope
December 1st Winter Newsletter Released
December 2nd – Astrosoc and Planetary Society ‘SATURN LORD OF THE RINGS’ Christmas Lecture
December 4th “Christmas Adventure” German Market followed by Cinema or observing?
December 8th Cyril Isenberg “bubbles”
December 9th Christmas Party / End of Term Quiz
January 13th Samuel George: “End of the Milky Way; evolution on a grand scale”
January 20th AGM / Balti
January 27th Andy Salmon talk “Mir: Russian outpost in space – The story of Mir’s use 1986-2001”
February 2nd OPEN LECTURE: Dr Joseph Romano Cardiff Uni Gravitational waves
February 9th Dr Peter Ford and Dr Vincent Smith “Einstein’s 1905 revolution in physics” (Bath University and Bristol University)
February 10th Somak Raychaudhury -“The stuff of the Universe”
February 16th Kevin Warwick, “rise of the machines” Reading
March 2nd Prof J.E. Inglesfield, University of Wales Cardiff “Rainbows, Haloes and Glories”
March 10th – “A Warwickshire Eclipse” Mike Frost
March 16th Prof. Barrie Jones, Open University – ‘Planets and life beyond the Solar System’