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Author: Richard Pearson

BBC Stargazing Live 2013 – Visitor Information

At AstroSoc we’re looking forward to seeing you at our BBC Stargazing Live events, and hope you enjoy the activities that we and all our partners put on. Please remember that this is a ticketed event only! If you don’t have a ticket, please see here.

In order to try and make your experience as enjoyable as possible, please take a moment to read this additional information. Continue reading

BBC Stargazing Live 2013 – Final Tickets

Our BBC Stargazing Live events will be rolling out this week and we hope that all ticket holders are looking forward to the event. For anyone who does not have a ticket unfortunately the BBC’s tickets are sold out. However, we have an additional, though limited, number available for staff and students of the University being distributed by AstroSoc Committee members.

To get one of these last tickets, Committee members will be around the Poynting Physics Coffee Lounge at 1pm on Monday 7th and at 1pm on Thursday 10th. If you can’t make those times please contact us and we can arrange something for you.