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Author: Paul Carter

The History of Human Space Travel

On the 31st January, AstroSoc will receiving a postgraduate talk by Joe Walshe entitled “The History of Human Space Travel” .

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Binary Stars

Thursday the 17th January 2013 we will be having a undergraduate talk from Hasini Janapriya on the subject of Binary Stars:

Twin stars have captured the imagination of many over the past few decades, but are still not very well understood. Join us as we attempt to explore the life and death of binary stars: from gas cloud to black hole binary.

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TTT: Prof Trevor Ponman

On Thursday 29th November 2012 Prof Trevor Ponman will be taking a Tea, Talk and Telescope session. With a talk entitled “How Hot is the Universe?”

‘Conditions here on Earth can give a very misleading picture of the
Universe at large. How hot do you think most of the matter in the Universe is? In this talk we will take a quick look at what the Universe is made of. We will then explore what modern astronomy has revealed about the state of the atomic matter – the only component we understand – and we will ask how it got that way.’

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Space Weather Balloon/Film night

Following on from last weeks success with the balloon project this week, time has been allocated to finishing of preparation for the launch. Also on option will be the film “Iron Sky” with excellent reviews. Iron Sky is a movie ficticional sci-fi comedy about Nazi’s who have a base on the dark side of the moon.

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AstroSoc visits ThinkTank

On the 3rd November, AstroSoc visited the ThinkTank science museum, which was exciting and fun for all involved. The day was a mixture of discovery and a chance to let the inner scientific child out.  Evolution, environment and energy awaited the party at the entrance, with a collection of animal specimens and a look behind the curiosities of nature. Recycling and sustainability was also on the first floor, with information on our throw away culture and the impact it will have upon global warming.

Space Weather Balloon Project

Preparation for AstroSoc’s Space Weather Balloon project will continue on the 15th November 2012. The plan of the project is eventually to send a balloon up to an altitude of 30km. Continue reading

Space Race Pub Crawl

On Thursday 25th October 2012 the 5th Annual Space Race Pub Crawl, starting from Joe’s at 7:30pm and then into Selly Oak to Gun Barrels, The Soak, Urban Village and finishing at The Bristol Pear. Continue reading

What’s Up There?

What’s up there? A question asked since the first humans looked up at the sky and wondered at the universe. Stars, Planets, Comets and Galaxies will all be subjects covered by the equipment officer Callum Bellhouse.¬† Continue reading

Climbing the Distance Scale ladder to the Edge of the Universe

On Thursday 4th October – Dr Robin Catchpole, from the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge, will be directing his talk on the universal distance scale ladder at the first of this academic years AstroSoc Tea, Talk and Telescopes (TTT). Continue reading