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Observing Workshop

We had a great turnout! Thanks to everyone who came and asked questions.

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EPS Societies Awards Dinner

A jam packed evening of awards, talks and music.

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Annual Dinner

The evening was a fabulous mix of great company, speeches and food. Thank you Alice Perry for organising it and to everyone who came!

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Treasurer’s Easter Quiz

The quiz was great fun, thanks to John Dunsmuir our treasurer! We even got to see Jupiter and its moons afterwards.

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Postgraduate Talk – Astroseismology: A Space Age Revolution

Thank you James Kuszlewics for a fascinating talk!

Postgrad Talk

Board Game and Pizza Night!

The evening was a massive hit! Thanks to all who came and enjoyed themselves. What could be better than pizza and board games?

Pizza Night FB


Telescope & CCD Training

Not only a brilliant opportunity to learn how a CCD works, but also for some people to use the society’s telescopes for the first time.


Tea, Talk & Telescope

Dr Ghag gave a talk jam packed with information about the search for Dark Matter, specifically in the form of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles!

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Moons of the Solar System

A journey through the moons of our solar system, hosted by our equipment officer Paul Swallow. Full of answers to fascinating questions such as: how exactly do you pronounce ‘Quaoar’?


Rockets and Relativity!

Thanks to our new Chairperson, Luke Scantlebury-Smead for a fantastic evening! His tabletop adventure to the stars had us all rooting for our own astronauts’ survival!


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