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Society Vlog

Last term we worked with EPS to create a video about the society, including footage from our end of term quiz. We are extremely happy with the result, which you can see here!

Asteroids & Accretion

AstroSoc’s annual Dungeons & Dragons themed games night. A really fun evening (despite the interruption of moving rooms). Thank you Evan for putting the game together and congratulations to the winning team!




Undergraduate Talk – An Astronomy Slide Show

Thank you Luke for digging out old astronomy slides for us to look at!


20180222_194929 20180222_200722

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018!

Congratulations to the new AstroSoc committee! And of course a huge thank you to the previous committee for your help with the transition process.

For more details on committee members and their roles click here.

Committee 2018 Small

Undergraduate Talk – Astronaut Selection

An interesting talk and a very intimidating list of requirements. Thanks to our treasurer John for the talk and the fun activities afterwards!

20180201_193235 20180201_204822 20180201_204832 20180201_204846 20180201_204902 20180201_204910

Social Meal

It was a great evening, thank you everyone who attended!


Postgrad Talk: The Plurality of Worlds

Thank you Dr. Amaury Triaud for an incredible talk about the TRAPPIST-1 system!


Mars Rover Challenge

Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s Mars Rover Challenge, and congratulations to the winning team! For those of you who weren’t there and (understandably) need a bit more context; pictured below are blindfolded ‘rovers’ being directed by voice commands through Skype from ‘mission control’.

20180111_202611 20180111_202621


Constellation Workshop Results

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our constellations workshop! The final set of images were released to the public yesterday – what do you think?

“The constellations we use at the moment have complicated Latin names and often don’t really look like the things they are named for.¬† We really hope these new creations will help people of all ages develop their interest in space and astronomy, working to inspire the next generation of astronomers to take an interest in the field.” – Emma Willett, Outreach Officer.

Media Articles:

Daily Mail, Telegraph, The Times, UoB, The Week, The News Minute, Runner’s World, Heart, NDTV, The Siasat Daily, Sciences et Avenir, BQ Live

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Christmas Lecture – Good Stars Always Come Together

Big thanks to our patron Prof. Ilya Mandel for a very entertaining talk!


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