The committee are students who are elected into positions by the members of the society, and are responsible for the smooth running of the society. Elections for the committee position take place each February. A list of the positions and the responsibilities it holds can be found below. A list of older committee (for historical and laughter reasons, i.e. the pictures, can be found here).

The current committee, elected February 2018, is:

Chair: Emma Willett
Secretary: Tutku Kolcu
Treasurer: Torin Cooper-Bennun
Events: Hazel Knight
Outreach: Luke Booth
Equipment: Paul Swallow
Publicity: Evan Ridley

Committee 2018 Small



A Chairperson, who shall co-ordinate and chair the Committee, arrange regular Society meetings and book rooms as appropriate, represent the Society at General Meetings, chair the Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meetings, and liaise with, and provide information to, the VPAD where appropriate.They will also email the society regularly to keep members up-to-date with current Society business, and organise the annual dinner.


 A Secretary, who shall take minutes at committee and General Meetings (the latter of which should be submitted to Student Development), shall maintain a current record of members, including contact lists, which shall be distributed to committee members only. They shall deputise in the absence of the chairperson, liaise with the treasurer with respects to membership fees, provide the VPAD with any information required when appropriate and shall prepare a news magazine twice in the autumn and spring terms and once in the summer term. They shall also organise the Society affiliations, specified in Section 3(a) of the constitution, and should keep general records of the Society for future prosperity


A Treasurer, who shall be responsible for the management of the Society’s finances, shall provide a report of the finances when appropriate, shall liaise with the Guild Finance Officer in maintaining and updating the accounts, shall advise the Committee on the financial implications of any decisions, shall liaise with the secretary with respects to membership fees and shall have the final word on any decision which requires any financial transaction. They shall also attend training run by the Guild of Students on matters of finance and they should prepare the yearly grant application requesting financial assistance from the Guild of Students. This funding should supplement the fundraising and budgeting efforts of the Society, and should not be relied upon to ensure the sustainability of the group.

Events Officer

An Events Officer, who shall arrange social events and events with other societies; including the annual `Space Race’, off site trips, and the annual dinner.

Equipment and Observations officer

An Equipment and Observations Officer, who shall be responsible for the maintenance, and safety checks of equipment used by the Society, shall keep the Society cupboards in order, shall keep a log of all equipment and observations, shall train members in the use of equipment and astronomical techniques and shall inform members of current and future astronomical events.

Outreach Officer 

An Outreach Officer, who shall be responsible for organising events outside of the University and making contact with external speakers, who will also try to organise sponsorship from, and liaise with, external parties

Webmaster & Publicity Officer

A Webmaster and Publicity Officer, who shall aid in the distribution of leaflets and posters, maintain the Society website and the Society social media sites (including Google+, Facebook and Twitter), maintain the Society notice boards and prepare other news briefs when appropriate.

The roles are a guide as to what each position should do, but in reality responsibilities are shared amongst the whole Committee.