On the 7th-9th of June, AstroSoc is planning a trip to Kielder, near the Scottish border. In a dark sky area, claimed to have the lowest level of light pollution in England, it should be great for observing, and a pleasant relax a week after exams are over, in a lovely area dominated by the Kielder Water, the UK’s largest artificial lake, and surrounded by Kielder Forest, in the Northumberland National Park.

We will be going on the Friday afternoon and coming back on the Sunday, with observing on a night and the beautiful scenery to enjoy during the daytime. We will be camping at the Bellingham Camping and Caravanning club site- tents will be provided, but please remember to bring your own camping equipment! If anyone has any particular requests for sleeping arrangements (e.g. a non-mixed gender tent) please contact a member of the committee as soon as possible.

The cost of the trip will be £44 per person, which includes accommodation and minibus hire, but please remember to bring plenty of money with you for your own food and drinks; particularly for local pubs.

To sign up please email chair@astrosoc.org.uk before Thursday 23rd May at 10:00pm with your name, mobile number, name and contact details of your next of kin and any medical conditions if applicable. Arrangements for payment will be confirmed closer to the time.