On the 9th December, the astronomy world was shaken by the death of Sir Patrick Moore, the long-standing and enthusiastic presenter who inspired many people over his active years to enter the hobby of stargazing.

His lifelong interest in astronomy led him to an incredible career, setting the record for being the longest-serving presenter on a television series, alongside several other accomplishments including acting as president for both the British Astronomical Association and the Society for Popular Astronomy.

“The Sky at Night”, Moore’s television series and greatest claim to fame, began in ¬†1957 and has run for over 700 episodes since then. The longevity of the show has allowed it to inspire generations of people to get involved with astronomy, from amateur stargazing right through to professional research.

AstroSoc have a special connection to Sir Patrick, beginning with his visit to our society in the 1980s and extending through to the present days, where our public lectures are still called the “Patrick Moore Lecture Series” in his honour.

We are very sorry to hear of the death of Sir Patrick Moore, both due to the profound influence he had on astronomy during his lifetime, and due to his past involvement with our society. We are sure that his presence will continue to be felt by the scientific community and all those with a passion for looking at the stars.