On the 3rd November, AstroSoc visited the ThinkTank science museum, which was exciting and fun for all involved. The day was a mixture of discovery and a chance to let the inner scientific child out.  Evolution, environment and energy awaited the party at the entrance, with a collection of animal specimens and a look behind the curiosities of nature. Recycling and sustainability was also on the first floor, with information on our throw away culture and the impact it will have upon global warming.
The party next headed down a floor to look at the technical advances across the industrial revolution, a range of engineering feats from the early steam powered engines, to the latest in manufacturing line robotics.
The main feature of the day for many involved was the group trip to the planetarium, where we saw a film describing our Earth, Moon and Sun, but from the perspective of ancient American Indian tales about a coyote. The planetarium introduced ideas such as the lunar cycle, different types of eclipses and the basics of the fusion process which fuels our star.
Just outside the planetarium was the astronomy and “the future” section. My favourite part of the day out was graphically programming a robot in this section to welcome people to the AstroSoc website.
The final stop of the day was the science garden, which can only be described as a science playground for all ages! This included human sized hamster wheels, a Tibetan singing bowl, large weighing scales which required you to balance the weights on either end by changing the distance between you and the pivot, and many more. I believe as a whole that the science garden summed up what the day out had been set to achieve, a chance for the members of AstroSoc to get back to discovering their love for astronomy and science in general.