Our first meeting of the term – a chilled out introduction to AstroSoc. Come along and find out about our events, equipment and become a member. We will be providing party food and displaying our telescopes for you to check out up close. We will then let you in on all the awesome stuff we get up to every week! Finally, we will end our evening with a quiz hosted by our chair. On the offchance that we have clear skies, we shall do some constellation observing from the grounds of the University (still meeting in Nuffield G13 beforehand – see the Location Page).

We will have some of the committee located around the Poynting Physics area and inside Nuffield to help you find us!

You do not need to pre-register for this event – just turn up! AstroSoc is open to all students of UoB, and you do not need prior experience of astronomy!

Here is a link to the corresponding Facebook event.