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Today, AstroSoc took delivery of our latest telescope, a Coronado Hydrogen- Alpha Personal Solar Telescope (P.S.T.).








The 40mm aperture f/10 telescope works using a Fabry-Perot etalon tuned to a wavelength of ~656.28 nm. This should ‘cut back’ some of the background light from the sun, revealing details of the sun’s surface, especially filaments and prominences.

Although we only had the telescope out for a few minutes, using a smartphone, we managed to get our first image of the sun:

Although most of the detail on the surface wasn’t captured in this image (I think the surface pixelation is a result of a poor image, rather than actually capturing surface detail, and the colourization is wrong) you can see some solar prominences on the top left of the image (the bottom left is again a fault in the image).

We look forward to trying the PST out to its full potential, and where we will also have time to take some better photos of our nearest star! And you can join us! We will be doing some solar observing, on Campus, on Friday.



  1. ooh – looks good. Any chance you will be playing with that tomorrow? Would be great to have a look at it. Maybe get out a clamp and a boss and mount a camera?

  2. Not sure if we will have it out tomorrow or not, but will definitely have it out on Friday. Using a “proper” camera is the next step!

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