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This page contains a bunch of astronomical (and a few non) taken by our members, the most recent ones appear at the top and those that are a few years old are bunched together into year by year sections...

Wast Hills spring 2011

In January and February we made two successful trips to the university's Wast Hills observatory. Here is a selection of the images we made:





First light with Deep Sky Imager 2

On Thursday we managed to take the first shots with our new CCD a Meade Deep Sky Imager 2. This camera was attached to our driveless(!) 10" telescope, which basically means you don't see an object for more than a few seconds on the field of view. The camera is intended to go on to the end of our Grubb telescope (Which is nicely driven) once it has been fully refurbished. We still manged to get a few shots, eventhough they weren't very good, see below, we are still quite pleased that all is working (first is the double star Albireo in Cygnus, the second is the planet Mars):

albireo mars

Easter Camping 2007

The Sun at dusk:

The Moon:

Images by Samuel George

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 03/03/07

On March 3rd 2007 a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse occured - for more info on what happened at the science see [here] Astrosoc members were able to take some shots... here are some by Samuel George and Scott Porter.

Samuel's images:

Scott's images:

Wast Hills Observing 18/11/06

We got the chance to use the Astrophysics Group's new 16" Meade... we had some issues on the night and only managed to do some basic and slightly out of focus observations still though we managed to get some good shots in single colours.

Observing in 2004

The images below have been taken using a 5" Newtonian telescope with a low resolution electronic eyepiece into the back of a video capture card. These are the first astronomical images Astrosoc has taken in a long time and the first digital ones.

The first image with the electronic eyepiece, a church spire:

Some first images of craters on the Moon:

Some images of Saturn, with its rings clearly visibile:

The planet Venus:

Members on the roof using the equipment:

Observing the Moon - Nov 26th 2004

Here are some pictures taken of the Moon after the fireworks on the Vale. This was quite a successful night. The pictures where taken with Steve's camera and we were using Eleanor's 5" Newtonian telescope.

Lunar Observing - 04/11/04

Here are some pictures taken by Scott and Emma of the Moon. To do this they used his 5" Newtonian telescope and a 4megapixel digital camera.

Conjunction of Venus and the Moon

Taken by Steve showing a lovely crescent Moon and the stunningly bright Venus.


Taken by Eleanor

Observing in 2003

Lunar Eclipse 8th Nov 8 of us met and ended up watching the eclipse at Selly Park. It was a fantastic night especially playing on the swings as we waited for totality! Here are the images that were taken by Steve:

Observing on the roof

At Wast Hills (2002)

Taken in the 1960s