Upcoming Events

Open Lectures

Astrosoc runs the Open Lectures of the School of Physics and Astronomy. These are aimed at our undergraduate students but anyone from the University is more than welcome to come along. The idea is to cover a range of physics that is not easily accessible in our normal lectures and to provide an insight into current research.


7th Oct Open Lecture - Lucy Hawking, "Travel Through Space with Lucy Hawking"


13th Feb Open Lecture - Dr Edward Daw (University of Sheffield), "The Hunt for Gravitational Waves", 11am West Lecture Theatre
20th Feb Open Lecture - Prof. Kevin Warwick (University of Reading), "Neural Implants: a new kind of medicine or the next evolutionary step?", 11am West Lecture Theatre
7th Nov: Prof. F. Taylor, Oxford, "Weather and Climate of the Planets"
14th Nov: Dr. D. Evans, Birmingham, "Recreating the Big Bang using the World's Largest Machine"
28th Nov: Jay Tate, SpaceGuard UK, "The Science of "Armageddon"
5th Dec: Dr Sarah Callaghan


7th February - Prof Louise Harra (MSSL) - "Explosions from the Sun"
7th March - Dr. G Swallowe (Loughborough) - "Acoustics of Bells and Cymbals"
14th March - Dr Nick Roberts (Manchester) - "Seeing the World in a Different Light: Optics and Biology"
21st March - Dr. Alan Dalton (Surrey) - "Nanotechnology"


February 2nd: Dr Joseph Romano – Cardiff Uni – Gravitational waves February 9th: Dr Peter Ford and Dr Vincent Smith "Einstein’s 1905 revolution in physics" March 2nd: Prof J.E. Inglesfield, University of Wales Cardiff “Rainbows, Haloes and Glories” March 16th: Prof Barrie Jones, Open University - 'Planets and life beyond the Solar System'


October 13th – Dr Nigel Banister “Lobsters eye on the Cosmos” October 20th – Prof. B.S. Sathyaprakash, School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University “Quest for gravitational waves” October 27th – Andy Salmon – “From Kazakhstan to the stars" November 3rd – Simon Singh “The History of the Big Bang” (journalist / author of Fermat’s Last Theorem see: November 10th – Dr. David Whitehouse (of the BBC) “astronomy and space in the media”