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Dr Paul Roche- "The Faulkes Telescope"

On Thursday the 6th December Dr Paul Roche (Director of the Faulkes Telescope Project) gave us a talk all about the wonders of the FT. - more at [].

Paul Roche

First light with Deep Sky Imager 2

On Thursday we managed to take the first shots with our new CCD a Meade Deep Sky Imager 2. This camera was attached to our driveless(!) 10" telescope, which basically means you don't see an object for more than a few seconds on the field of view. The camera is intended to go on to the end of our Grubb telescope (Which is nicely driven) once it has been fully refurbished. We still manged to get a few shots, eventhough they weren't very good, see below, we are still quite pleased that all is working (first is the double star Albireo in Cygnus, the second is the planet Mars):

albireo mars

Guild Awards 2007

The society was recently nominated for a few awards at the University of Birmingham Guild of Students Awards. We were shortlisted for one as a group but we weren't successful. However, our past Chair, Samuel George (i.e. me!), did win the "The Ross Barlow Memorial Prize for outstanding individual student" for his efforts with Astrosoc. Since I get to write this bit... "a big thanks to all of the astrosoc members who have made us a success, this award is thanks to your efforts as much as mine". For some photos from the event see: [here]


Old Site

For the time been, at least, the old astrosoc site will be still up and running, this has loads of content including pictures and interesting historical documents of the society. Most of the pages have been integrated into the new design but there is lots of content and this will take time for it all to be copied over. Access to old site