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Lunar Eclipse 21/02/08

In the early hours of Thursday morning of the 21st of February the members of Astrosoc met in Q12 in anticipation of a total lunar eclipse occurring later that morning. Once everyone has arrived complete with plenty of snacks and caffeine we moved to the Physics Coffee Lounge. The lunar eclipse wasn't due to reach totality until just after 3am and so to pass the time until then we had a massive Nintendo Wii gaming session. From the photos above you can see that the competitive nature of many Astrosoc members came out! Once it got to around 2:30am we all wrapped up warm and went onto the roof of Poynting but were greeted by typical British (and Astrosoc observing) weather: clouds, clouds and more clouds! With the moon nowhere to be seen under the thick blanket of clouds we went back to the Coffee Lounge to continue the Wii gaming. After that we all went up and down to the roof every half hour or so to check if the cloud cover had lifted but unfortunately it stayed for the whole of the eclipse. In the end we resorted to all crowding round a laptop looking for a live feed of the eclipse from anywhere without cloud. At around 5:30am we all disbanded to get a few hours sleep before lectures later that morning. Overall, although we didn't get to see the eclipse due to cloud cover, it was a fun morning had by all!

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