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Photo Gallery 2004

Below you will find images of the events that took place in 2004

Children In Need Event

This took place on the 18th November 2004. We held an eggstravaganza event, where people build a structure to protect an egg to be dropped from a great height. Afterwards we held a talk given to us by Dr Colin Frayn and then we had a trip to the Guild. This also involved Steve and Samuel dressing up as Fred Flintstone and Barmy rumble - all for charity. To make it worse it even snowed! On the next day Glynis and Tracy went around collection money (see the next page) and in total we managed to raise 360!

Easter Quiz

Pics from the Easter Quiz...

Repairing the Grubb

Repairing the Grubb has been a long process at the moment we are painting it and here are some of the pictures taken of us doing this - since this (in 2007) a major refurbishment project has taken place.

Christmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz 04 - Dec 9th 2004


We hosted a talk by the Planetary Society on 2nd December 2004. The talk was given by Andy Lound and as always very interesting. The title was "Saturn Lord of the Rings". Afterwards we took everyone on to the roof for a tour of our Grubb telescope and the to do some observing since it was clear. We saw: Saturn, Orion Nebula, the Moon, the Pleiades (M45) and Andromeda through Scott's telescope and everything apart from Andromeda through the wonderful 132 year old Grubb telescope.

Steve gave us a great talk all about Exoplanets since he is currently trying to detect them using the transit method for his PhD.

On the 5th of February 2004, Prof. Cruise, Pro Vice Chancellor of the University and former head of Physics Department gave Astrosoc a fantastic talk about Gravity. Like always Prof. Cruise rose to the occasion with a very interesting talk which was well attended by Astrosoc members. "Gravity - a massive problem" by Prof. Cruise

Pictures taken of the David Hardy Talk "artists in space" and the October Balti. This took place on October 21st and was a very enjoyable night. The talk took place in the large lecture theatre of Poynting Physics and then we were off to the Shapla Balti Restaurant in Selly Oak on the Bristol Road.

Annual Dinner

It was a great night and everyone had a great time. It was held at the Edgbaston Thistle Hotel - Dr Somak Raychaudhury gave the after dinner speech.

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