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Photo Gallery 2003

Below you will find images of the events that took place in 2003

Annual Dinner

This years Annual Dinner was hosted at the Thistle Hotel, Hagley Road Edgbaston, on the 12th June. The Annual Dinner is the Societies chance to get formal, enjoy an evening of good food and chat. We try to get as many members of staff of the Physics department along as this is a great chance for us to show off what we have done with all of their help during the year. We always have a guest speaker, this year's was Prof. Willmore, previous Head of the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham. He gave a short talk about his experiences in the space industry. His talk was fantastic and everyone seemed to have a great time.

October Balti / AGM

After an intense Annual General Meeting Astrosoc decides to heat it up with a nice hot balti.

Christmas Events

Two events: The Xmas Quiz and the Xmas Adenture... This was a trip to go to the Turner Exhibition followed by shopping at the German Market, "Cyberworld 3D" at the IMAX and then Observing at Uni. We met at various time throughout the day which meant people could come along whenever, it was a great day and we all had lots of fun. Since the weather was shockingly good we managed to observe, it was very clear and we got another fantastic view of Saturn.

One of Astrosoc's longest traditions is the Christmas Quiz, we have it on the final Thursday of the Winter Term.

Fix Grubb

Barry and Mark fixing the DEC motor of the Grubb, you might see Scott in some of these pictures but we assure you he was not allowed anywhere near the equipment.


On the 4th of December 2003 we had a talk off Dr. Raychaudhury. This is the second talk that he has give AstroSoc, this one was titled "Where stars are formed". Yet again Dr Raychaudhury gave us a fantastic talk which everyone enjoyed, it was also our opportunity to present him with life membership to AstroSoc which was decided at the last AGM. After the talk a few of us went on to the pub, like normal.

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