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The committee are students who are elected into positions by the members of the society, and are responsible for the smooth running of the society. Elections for the committee position take place each January. A list of the positions and the responsibilites it holds can be found below. A list of older committee (for historical and laughter reasons, i.e. the pictures can be found below).

The current committee, elected December 2011, is:

Chair: Amanda Rawlins
Secretary: Tom Syder
Treasurer: Eliot Dixon
Equipment & Observing: Callum Bellhouse
Events: Graham Kirkby
Outreach: Sean Elvidge
Webmaster & Publicity: Paul Carter

AstroSoc Committee 2011

Details of past committees will appear in the society history section, with the more recent below.

The Chairperson of the society has to co-ordinate and chair the Committee, arrange regular society meetings and book rooms as appropriate. They must represent the Society at General meetings, chair the annual general meeting, and any Extraordinary General meeting, and liaise with and provide information to, the VPSA where appropriate. The chairperson is the key link between the society and the Guild of students and should attend Guild Council meetings, and any other meeting that the Guild council decide you must attend.

The Secretary should take minutes at all Committee and General Meetings, maintain a current record of members and ensure the guild have membership forms from all members, including contact lists, which should be distributed to all members of the society. They should aid in the e-mailing of members when appropriate, aid in the distribution of posters and leaflets, assist the Chairperson when required, deputise in the absence of the Chairperson, and provide the VPSA with any required information when necessary.

The treasurer is responsible for the management of the society's finances, shall provide a report of the finances when appropriate, shall liaise with the Guild Finance Office in maintaining and updating the accounts, shall advise the Committee on the financial implications of any decisions, and shall have the final word on any decision that requires any financial transaction.

Events & Awareness Officer
The external relations officer is responsible for organizing events outside of the University, trying to organize sponsorship from external parties, and should raise awareness of the Society's existence in departments other than that of the School of Physics and Astronomy.

Equipment and Observations officer
The responsibility of this officer is to maintain and carry out safety checks on the equipment used by the society, keep a log of all equipment and observations, to carry out training in the use of the equipment and astronomical techniques. Also they should inform members about current interesting observations and ensure the communications officer is aware of any upcoming major astronomical events. Finally they should train the vice equipment and Observations officer in the use and maintenance of equipment.

Communications Officer
The communications officer is responsible for the e-mailing of members, and should aid in the distribution of posters and leaflets when appropriate. Also they should produce a news magazine at least once per term and produce news briefs when appropriate. They are also responsible for the management and maintainance of the society's website.

The roles are a guide as to what each position should do, but in reality responsibilities are shared amongst the whole Committee.

The 2011 Committee

Chair: Richard Pearson
Secretary: Hannah Middleton
Treasurer: Hayley Floyd
Equipment & Observing: Amanda Rawlins
Outreach & Events: Graham Kirkby
Communications: Eliot Dixon

AstroSoc Committee 2010

The 2010 Committee

Chair: Keelia Scott
Secretary: Hannah Middleton
Treasurer: Joseph Walshe
Equipment & Observing: Haley Floyd
Outreach & Events: Sean Elvidge
Communications: Jamie Law

The 2009 Committee

Chair: Sean Elvidge
Secretary: Helen Howlett
Treasurer: Richard Pearson
Equipment & Observing: Eleanor Jenkins
Outreach & Events: Keelia Scott
Communications: Joseph Walshe

AstroSoc Committee 2009

Left to Right: Eleanor, Richard, Keelia, Sean, Helen, Joseph

The 2008 Committee

Chair: Elizabeth Jarvis
Secretary: Sean Elvidge
Treasurer: Richard Pearson
Equipment & Observing: Keelia Scott
Outreach & Events: Tony Price
Communications: Helen Howlett
Co-opts: Samuel George, Joseph Walshe

AstroSoc Committee 2008

Top Row: Sean, Tony; Bottom Row: Helen, Lizzie, Keelia, Richard

The 2007 Committee

AstroSoc Committee

Left-to-right: Sam, Marianne, Lizzie, Adam, Kym, Simon, Richard

Chair: Kym Goss, Secretary: Marianne Beecroft, Treasurer: Simon Menashy, Equipment & Observing: Elizabeth Jarvis, Outreach & Events: Adam Morris, Communications: Heather Audley, Webmaster: Samuel George, Co-opt: Richard Pearson

The 2006 Committee


From left to right: Steve, Kym, Sam, Simon, Beth, Heather and in the front Tom.

The 2005 Committee

Chair: Eleanor Czerepara, Secretary: Mark Rowan, Treasurer: Ranolph Harrison, Equipment: Josh Baxter, Events: Katie, Newsletter: Elizabeth Birmingham, Webmaster: Simon Menashy.

The 2003/2004 Committee

Chair: Samuel George, Secretary: Scott Porter, Treasurer: Doug Neal , Equipment: Eleanor Czerepara, Vice Equipment: Anthony Dearden, Events: Alexandra Simms, Communications: Alexandra Yannacopoulou, Co-opts: Steven Spreckley; Matt Holder

The 2002 Committee

Chair: Thomas Ormston, Secretary: Scott Porter, Treasurer: Samuel George, Equipment: Natalie Mackey, Vice Equipment: Nomsa Maphango, Events & Awareness: Alexandra Sims, Communications: Emma Robinson.

The 2001 Committee

Chair: Thomas Ormston, Secretary: Emma Robinson, Treasurer: Samuel George, Observing: Léon Gaillard, Vice Observing: Natalie Mackey, External Relations: Gwennan Hughes, Communications: Steven Spreckley.

The 2000 Committee

Chair: Michelle Rosental, Secretary: Steven Spreckley, Treasurer: Albert Kennis, External Relations: Léon Gaillard