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Well this is what we are here to do...

This section of the site explores what we are hear to do. As you can see we have a monthly sky chart that is accessible via the right hand menu bar but on the subsection here you will find a more detailed description of what is up and what Astrosoc has been up to recently - [The Log] will have all of this....

Questions about Astronomy?

If you have any question please feel free to contact us at - or see our contact us page for more information.

One particular question we get asked is "what telescope should I use?". There is no quick and easy answer for this as it depends on what you are trying to observing and in some cases it is not worthwhile to go and buy a telescope when binoculars could do the trick. A detailed discussion (from a beginners level) can be found on the National Astronomy Week's webpages.

Current Sky Chart

The sky at midnight on the 15th of the

Current Sky Chart

Comet Observing

Over the past few years we have had the chance to observe a few bright comets, to keep up-to-date with the comets in the sky we suggest you take a look at [] which is an excellent site for comet observing.