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Who we are

The University of Birmingham Astronomical Society consists of current undergraduate and postgraduate students who are interested in astronomy. We are one of the oldest societies in the guild of students and the society has a rich history with many famous scientists and public figures including Patrick Moore, John Brown, the current astronomer Royal for Scotland, and Helen Sharman, the first British person in space have visited the society over its years of existence.

Although a large number of our members are physics students we have members who are studying a broad range of subjects and the level of ability in the society ranges from absolute beginners in astronomy through to the hardened veterans who have been interested in astronomy for many years.

Society Newsletter

Astrosoc has a regularly produced newsletter titled, Sirius Issues - for all of the Issues see [here].

Society Patron

The Society also has a Patron. Currently Prof John Brown, the Royal Astronomer for Scotland, is our Patron. Prof John Brown is a Regius Professor of Astronomy, and Leader of the Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Group at the University of Glasgow. He is also a very good magician! More info [here]


The institute of physics student society awards were decided recently and Astrosoc has been named as the best (physics related) student society in the country. Samuel George and Kym Goss, our chair and secretary (at the time) went to London on 18th January to receive the award (at the Savoy hotel!) which we are very proud to receive.


Past Members:

We love to hear off past members, maybe you might like to come and visit us at one of our events or have some photos / interesting stories that you could share. Please do drop us an email as we would love to expand our records.