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On June 8, 2004, Venus - the Earth's sister planet - past in front of the Sun as seen from the Earth. This very rare event (no living person has ever seen one!) lasted about 6 hours and was visible from most of Europe, Africa and Asia. The last time it occured but 2004 was in 1882 and is known as the Transit of Venus.

Astrosoc took part in an international attempt to determine the Astronomical Unit (distance between the Earth and the Sun) on the 8th of June 2004, by watching Venus pass in front of the Sun.

In 1639, Jeremiah Horrocks from Much Hoole near Preston, Lancashire, was the first person ever to predict and observe a Transit of Venus. His observations are known worldwide, and he takes his place in history alongside the likes of Sir Issac Newton.

Here are some of the Pictures taken of the Venus Transit, more of our Venus Transit pictures are available here.

Direct Camera

Press: Evening Mail

Radio WM

BBC News

Tree on solar disc

Cloud on solar disc

Venus on solar disc

Electronic Eyepiece

Venus on solar disc

Venus on solar disc

Venus on solar disc

Observing outside physics

Observing on the roof

Using the Grubb


Using the Grubb

Venus on solar disc

Tree in the way

Computing equipment

Our electronic setup

Grubb and clocktower

Television Coverage

Below you will find the BBC West Midlands coverage of our Venus Transit event:

To view this please just click on the picture below, please note that this file is 19.5 MB in size! (we will put a very low quality version on soon).

BBC Midlands 1

For now we only have the evening / lunchtime news on, we were also on the morning news but this was slightly different (to come soon).

One of our members, Steve Spreckley (a previous secretary and newsletter editor of the Society), went to Egypt to observe the transit.

Steve Observing

Strange Projections

Solar filtered

Events of the Venus Transit Week:

3rd June - Talk: Dr W Chaplin (BiSON team University of Birmingham) - "Music of the Sun: Helioseismology" - 8pm SLT Poynting Physics

5th June - Observing the Sun - Meet in Q12 at 12pm and then onto the roof - hopefully some clear skies and observing of solar activity.

8th June - Venus Transit - various events from 6am.

10th June - Talk: "It shouldn't happen to a Mars Probe" - Andy Salmon (Birmingham AS and Midland Spaceflight Society) - 8pm LLT, Poynting Physics






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