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Here are the events that we held for this very special astronomical event.

18th March

Talk by Mike Frost "Jeremiah Horrocks and the first Venus transit"

This is to take place in the Large Lecture Theatre of Poynting Physics (School of Physics and Astromony Univesity of Birmingham) and is to start promptly at 8pm.

Venus Transit Week:

Venus Transit Week

3rd June - Talk: Dr W Chaplin (BiSON team University of Birmingham) - "Music of the Sun: Helioseismology" - 8pm SLT Poynting Physics

5th June - Observing the Sun - Meet in Q12 at 12pm and then onto the roof - hopefully some clear skies and observing of solar activity.

8th June - Venus Transit - various events from 6am.

10th June - Talk: "It shouldn't happen to a Mars Probe" - Andy Salmon (Birmingham AS and Midland Spaceflight Society) - 8pm LLT, Poynting Physics





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