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On this page you will find all of our involvement with the Press.

Newspapers / Newsletters

Here are some of the newspaper articles that Astrosoc has featured in (please click on the link for the article):

Buzz, The University of Birmingham Newsletter Issues 46/ 47

Buzz 46

Buzz 47

Evening Mail 08/06/2004 - Venus Transit Activities

Evening Mail 1

Evening Mail Blackcountry Edition 08/06/2004 - Venus Transit Activities

Evening Mail 2

Birmingham Post - 09/06/2004 - Venus Transit Activities

Please also see our Venus Transit Press Images Page.


We have recently been on Radio WM. This was for the transit of Venus. Both were with Samuel George.

Interview 1 (2.38MB)

Interview 2 (0.94MB)


Society Spotlight, Astronomy Now, Volume 18 Number 9, September 2004 (ISSN 0951-9726)

AN Soc Spotlight September 2004

Society News, Astronomy Now, 1990


Below you will find the BBC West Midlands coverage of our Venus Transit event:

To view this please just click on the picture below, please note that this file is 19.5 MB in size! (we will put a very low quality version on soon).

BBC Midlands 1

For now we only have the evening / lunchtime news on, we were also on the morning news but this was slightly different (to come soon).


This section will contain any of the societies past encounters with the press.

For now please see our records section.


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