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Latest Pictures by society members

Below you will find the latest images taken by society members.

23/02/2004 - Electronic Eyepiece Eleanor's 5" Reflector

More images taken with the eyepiece, see here.

22/02/2004 - Electronic Eyepiece Eleanor's 5" Reflector

More images taken with eyepiece, see here.

20/02/2004 - Electronic Eyepiece Eleanor's 5" Reflector

Last night Astrosoc managed to take digital images of the planets using our electronic eyepiece and a capture card! See here.

Below is a picture of Saturn obtained:

Old Images

The Moon taken by the society believed to have been in the 60s.

At Wast Hills

Occasionally when the University telescope is not under demand for projects Astrosoc gets to use it. Below are a few of the breathtaking views that can be achieved with this telescope. (see the Observatory's webpages for more information).

M42 (NGC 1976) - This is diffuse nebula in the constellation of Orion.


Jupiter and 3 Galilean satellites.


Selected others

Below are a few other selected images taken by society members, these include some of our best images. More images can be found through links on our multimedia pages.


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