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We have regular meetings every Thursday at 7.30pm during term-time, in room Q12 in the Poynting Physics building. For more information on how to find us, please click here.

Autumn 2004

Schedule of confirmed events for Autumn 2004.

Freshers' 2004:

September 21st – Autumn Newsletter Released
September 22nd Freshers’ Fair, School of Physics and Astronomy
September 23rd MOMD Fair, School of Physics and Astronomy
September 24th Freshers’ Fair, Guild of Students

September 30th “Welcome to the University Quiz” – 19:30 onwards in Q12

October 2004:

October 7th – Intro to naked eye astronomy, meet in Q12 19:30 onwards
October 13th – OPEN LECTURE: Dr Nigel Bannister “Lobsters eye on the Cosmos”, 11am (West (New) Lecture Theatre)
October 14th – Binocular Astronomy meet in Q12 19:30 onwards; followed by social in the Guild
October 21st – David Hardy "Art in Space"– Space Artist followed by the October Balti
October 27th – OPEN LECTURE: Andy Salmon – "From Kazakhstan to the stars" 11am (West (New) Lecture Theatre)
October 27th-28th – Lunar Eclipse Night from Poynting Physics, meet at 2am in Q12 of Poynting Physics
October 29th – Astrosoc and Planetary Society "APOLLO - A MOON ODYSSEY", to start promptly at 8pm in the Large Lecture Theatre of Poynting Physics.

November 2004:

November 3rd – OPEN LECTURE with PPS: Simon Singh “The History of the Big Bang”
November 4th – Fireworks vale meet outside Q12 19:30 or at the Vale at 20:00
November 10th – OPEN LECTURE: Dr. David Whitehouse (of the BBC) "astronomy and space in the media" 11am (West (New) Lecture Theatre) - CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS
November 11th – Leonids Meteor Shower Talk / Observing (meet in Q12 from 19:30.
November 18th – Dr Colin Frayn – “Mergers, Sabotage and Cannibalism - The Gruesome Evolution History of Nearby Galaxies" and Children in Need Eggstravangza
November 25th – How to use a telescope, meet in Q12 at 19:30

December 2004:

December 1st – Winter Newsletter Released
December 2nd - Astrosoc and Planetary Society "SATURN LORD OF THE RINGS" – Christmas Lecture. 20:00 in Poynting LLT.
December 4th – “Christmas Adventure” – German Market followed by observing (more details soon)
December 8th – OPEN LECTURE: Cyril Isenberg (of University of Kent) "bubbles" 11am (West (New) Lecture Theatre)
December 9th – Christmas Party / End of Term Quiz, Q12 19:30.

January 2005:

January 13th – Samuel George: "End of the Milky Way; evolution on a grand scale"
anuary 20th – Annual General Meeting / Balti 19:30 in Q12.
January 27th – Andy Salmon talk “Mir: Russian outpost in space - The story of Mir's use 1986-2001”

Remember we meet every Thursday in Q12 at 7:30pm, all talks are to start at 8:00 pm and for external speakers these are most likely to be held in the SLT.

Want to know what we have been observing?
Our observing sessions are recorded in the log, updated by Eleanor, our Observation and Equipment Officer.
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Events 2004 Spring Term

29th Jan Ancient Astronomy and Auriga by committee members

5th Feb Talk by Prof. AM Cruise

12th Feb Talk by Andy Salmon of Birmingham AS / Midlands Spaceflight Society - “It shouldn't happen to a Mars probe”

12th Feb "Journey to Mars" A multimedia voyage to the red planet (replaces the talk by Andy Salmon - postponed due to illness)

26th Feb Talk by Dr W Chaplin - “Music of the Sun: Helioseismology” (Postponed)

26th Feb Talk by Dr Ian Robinson - "Solar Flares & Platform Shoes"

4th March Exoplanets and Gemini by committee members

11th March Annual Dinner at Thistle Hotel Edgbaston

18th March "Jeremiah Horrocks and the Transit of Venus" - by Mike Frost

Venus Transit Week:

3rd June - Talk: Dr W Chaplin (BiSON team University of Birmingham) - "Music of the Sun: Helioseismology" - 8pm SLT Poynting Physics

5th June - Observing the Sun - Meet in Q12 at 12pm and then onto the roof - hopefully some clear skies and observing of solar activity.

8th June - Venus Transit - see

10th June - Talk: "It shouldn't happen to a Mars Probe" - Andy Salmon (Birmingham AS and Midland Spaceflight Society) - 8pm LLT, Poynting Physics

17th June - End of term Quiz. Meet in Q12 from 19:30 onwards to start at 20:00.

Want more info
Ok you came along to one of our talks but now want more information, don't despair - we are here to help. If you have any questions then please contact us and we will hopefully be able to answer your question (or know someone who can!). Also for all talks given by the society they are reproduced on the website (see the multimedia section)

Below are the posters for some of our previous meetings. These are all in pdf form.



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