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Taurus information is now available here.

After a good night viewing the occultation of Porrima a new section has been created in the Astronomy section. This is titled occultation and is a new and growing section.

Events in Astronomy 2004 added..

New Satellites info page added, this contains images of their current locations and links to other websites for more information.

Lunar Phases Applet and a Jupiter Satellite applet have been added to the Astronomy Page. These applets were written by Gary Nugent (see applet FAQ for more info).

Also added today is a weather page where you will be able to find today's weather forecast and links to other weather forecasting websites.

Christmas Quiz Pictures are online, click here to view them.

Winter Newsletter Released! Click here to view it.


Pictures from the Lunar Eclipse have gone up see here.



Since the weather was clear a group of us managed to get together to go observing. It consisted of Alex Y, Eleanor, Katherine, Samuel and Steve. We observed from the roof of Poynting Physics and managed to get a good view of Saturn, Mars and the Moon through Scott's telescope. Samuel's attention was also drawn to the open clusters in Auriga and after a little bit of hunting he was able to get a good view of one of them, M36 (NGC 1960).


Dr Raychaudhury Talk

This is the second talk that he has give AstroSoc, this one was titled "Where stars are formed".On the 4th of December 2003 we had a talk off Dr. Raychaudhury. This is the second talk that he has give AstroSoc, this one was titled "Where stars are formed". For the pics see here.


End of the Christmas Adventure

We managed to see a fantastic view of the Moon again, the creators along the terminator were fantastic. We also saw Saturn again with what we believe to be Titan, the Pleiades, Mizar and Alcor (with surrounding stars - more info soon) and the constellation Auriga was identified. For the pic see here.

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