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A surprisingly clear Thursday night and so this meant we could observe. We observed:

  • The Moon, got a beautiful view of creators along the terminator
  • Saturn, rings and clouds, with Titan
  • Jupiter, however the view was not very good as it was low in the atmosphere with cloud around it. Was fun though watching it jump around. (see: Jupiter pic)
  • M42, The Orion Nebula (see: M42 Pic)

It then got very cold and so we decided to call it a night. While we were observing Josh did some Astrophotography.


Eleanor and Samuel went observing on the roof and managed to view:

  • Jupiter and the Galilean satellites (see: Jupiter pic)
  • Saturn, rings and clouds, with Titan
  • M42, The Orion Nebula (see: M42 Pic)
  • The Hyades with Aldebaran on top
  • The Pleiades (m45)
  • Mizar and Alcor.
  • Mizar A and B
It was rainy again, like usual!

Occultation of Porrima

We managed to see the star disappear behind the Moon (2am) but alas when it was to reappear (at 3am), just as we predicted it became cloudy and thus our late night attempt was over!

There will be an occultation page soon on the Astronomy section so see there for more information.


It was nice and clear but since it was our party we decided not to go observing tonight however we did look at the Moon as it had a huge halo around it. It had to be about 10 Moon radius' in diameter!


The weather was not very good.


End of the Christmas Adventure

We managed to see a fantastic view of the Moon again, the craters along the terminator were fantastic. We also saw Saturn again with what we believed to be Titan, the Pleiades, Mizar and Alcor (with surrounding stars - more info soon) and the constellation Auriga was identified, we were going to looking for the nebula in Auriga but it got a little cloudy.

Present: Alex Y, Eleanor, Emma, Samuel and Scott.


It started of great when Samuel, Scott and Steve had an impressive view of the Moon through Scott's telescope but dropped off when we could not even focus mine on BT Tower! This was around 6:30pm just before Astrosoc Scott's telescope is a 5.25" Newtonian Reflector and Samuel's is a 3.5" Newtonian Reflector.

After that though since the weather was still great and the moon had set so we headed off looking for other objects. During Astrosoc we managed to get a great view of Saturn (with Cassini division and Titan) and a nice view of Mars followed by the diffuse Orion Nebula (M42) and a look at the belt of Orion. The Pleiades where fantastic like usually and we even got a glimpse of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31).

Present: Samuel, Scott, Steve, Sinead, Josh, Mark, Doug and Eleanor.


Bad weather yet again denies us the pleasure of observing.

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Saturn, Electronic Eyepiece, 5" Newtonian Reflector

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