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Welcome to the website of the University of Birmingham Astronomical Society (Astrosoc)!

This site contains information about the society, some of our activities and projects, the history of the Astronomical Society at Birmingham University and plenty more. We hope you enjoy your visit.

If you are interested in astronomy or any aspect of space then please feel free to come along. We meet weekly during the academic term-time, every Thursday, and organise other events throughout the year. The meetings are normally in room Q12 of the Poynting physics building. See our Find Us page for more information. Membership is open to all students of the University (not just physics students!), and we also welcome members of the general public along to our public talks.

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If you have any questions or comments please see our Contact Us page which has information on how you can get in touch with us.
Astrosoc Events

Firstly some news on a recent event. THe institute of physics student society awards were decided recently and Astrosoc has been named as the best (physics related) student society in the country. Sam George and Kym Goss, our chair and secretary will be heading to London on 18th January to recieve the award.

The big upcoming event this month is the AGM. If you want to stand for a committee position, or you want to make any sugesstions for trips or improvements that could be made to the society then you must attend this meeting. It is going to be on 25th January at 8pm sharp in room Q12 in the Poynting physics building.

Latest Pictures

Astronomy Picture:

Below you find a picture we have been able to take recently using our equipment (if you click on the picture it will take you to our images page):

The wonderful Moon!

The Moon taken by Scott Porter and Emma Robinson through 5" newtonian telescope.

For more information on what we have observed please see our log page.

That's Magic

John Brown

John Brown, Astronomer Royal for Scotland recently gave us a magical talk title black holes and white rabbits

Latest Astrosoc News

We have had some good nights this term (Yes there were a few!) so we have managed to observe a number of objects including the Andromeda galaxy, albeiro, the double cluster, the plaiedes, the beehive cluster and much more. As Winter draws ever closer we are hoping for some good clear nights and hopefully a trip away from the city lights to see some of the fainter sky objects.

GOOD NEWS -- I am actually going to begin uploading the new look astrosoc website very soon which will hopefully be easier to navigate and keep updated and be more dynamic, plus there will be a new archive section where you will be able to find infomration on the history of the society, big events of the past, brief bios of speakers we have had and other interesting bits and bobs. The first upload will be this Sunday when the new look site will be launched.


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