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How to find us:

If you want to come along, we meet at 7.30 pm in room Q12 in the Poynting Physics Building. Now, if you are not a Physics student, you may be wondering a) where the Physics Department is, b) which building is the Poynting Building, or c) how do I find a room in that labyrinthine place? (I wonder that still, and I've been here for 2 years!)

The Poynting Building is located as number 34b on the University map and the best way to get to Astrosoc is to enter the build via the back entrance.


Here is a map on how to find us (designed by Steve Spreckley):

Please click on the image for a larger version.

If you still like the old black and yellow one it can be found here!

Memembership Fees

If you are a budding astronomer, or if this site has whetted your appetite for looking at pretty pictures of stars, you may want to come along to one of our meetings. If you enjoy yourself, you may even want to join!

Membership is only open to students of the University but we welcome members of the general public along to our public talks.

Membership is 3 for a year. Guild rules no longer allow us to offer lifetime memberships, though those who already hold lifetime memberships will retain them.


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