This page is going to host all of the competitions that we run, it should be a quite amusing place.

Latest Caption Competition

At Astrosoc we quite frequently end up with some odd looking images and quite often these are of our members being, well strange. All you have to do for this competition is think of a funny caption for the image below and send it to: The prize is a space poster (or postcards depending on what the winner wants). Note only members of the society are eligible for prizes (sorry).

For a larger version please click on the picture.

Sorry there is no current caption competition check back soon.


Other Competitions
Astrosoc also runs other competitions in our newsletter so please watch out for a copy of that. It can also be found in our multimedia section.

If you think you have a good picture that was taken of something to do with Astrosoc or just have found a great picture in our multimedia section that should be a caption competition please let us know!

Also if you have any comments or captions for any of the pictures found on the site please tell us you never know you may end up with a small prize!

All suggestions etc to:

Previous Caption competitions

Caption Comp 2

The winner was Andrew "Geordie" Davies with:

Geord: "Tom, GET DOWN, SNIPER!!!!"

Tom: "uh?"

So he wins a Chandra poster and an astrocalendar.

Other entries included:

Scott Porter with: Geordie says, "These are not the astronomers you are looking for!"

Alexandra Yannacopoulou: "noooo, don't take a picture of me with grimey!"

Thomas Grimmett: "Who's the fit guy sitting next to Geordie?"

Caption Comp 1

The winner was Steve Spreckley with:

"Steve demonstrates his new big bang theory"

Other entries included:

Mark Rowan's: "Steve prepares to catch the lentils which Sam unwisely shoved down his ears earlier that night"


This is just for fun! Watch here as the next one might be for a prize!

Also known as Lunar (4)
4 across shows this (5)
Our star (3)
small interplanetary body thought to have brought life to the Earth (5)
there is a belt of them (8)


gaseous envelope immediately surrounding the nucleus of a comet (4)
a small Red Planet (4)
An object orbiting a star that is not a brown dwarf but bigger than an asteroid. (6)
Closest planet to the Sun (7)
A self-luminous celestial body consisting of a mass of gas held together by its own gravity (4)
Looking for life (abbrv) (4)
A satellite of Jupiter (2)

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