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ASTROSOC - Join us @ 7:30pm, Thursdays, ARTS LR2

Telescope & CCD Training

Not only a brilliant opportunity to learn how a CCD works, but also for some people to use the society’s telescopes for the first time.


Tea, Talk & Telescope

Dr Ghag gave a talk jam packed with information about the search for Dark Matter, specifically in the form of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles!

16938795_10158372334950217_6724424344254510927_n (1)

Moons of the Solar System

A journey through the moons of our solar system, hosted by our equipment officer Paul Swallow. Full of answers to fascinating questions such as: how exactly do you pronounce ‘Quaoar’?


Rockets and Relativity!

Thanks to our new Chairperson, Luke Scantlebury-Smead for a fantastic evening! His tabletop adventure to the stars had us all rooting for our own astronauts’ survival!


Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017!

Congratulations to the new Astrosoc committee! And of course a huge thank you to the previous committee for your help with the transition process.

For more details on committee members and their roles click here.


The Meaning of Life

Alice Perry’s last talk as Chairperson! What better to finish on than a brief history of the universe so far? From the Big Bang to our search for extraterrestrial life, the talk was jam packed with fascinating information. All of course topped with funny dictionary definitions.


Spring Social Meal

A great evening spent at the Bristol Pear enjoying music and good food, and the food was even discounted! It was nice to see so many of you there and  here’s some pictures from the night:

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Mission to Mars

A witty Undergraduate talk by Vincent Emery, including the history of mars exploration (Mariner missions), why we should travel to mars, the physics behind the space crafts and the Hohmann transfer orbit. He highlighted the importance of space exploration for science to keep inventing, for example Velcro invented for holding things in place during zero gravity.

Mission to mars

The Mysteries of Black Holes

Physicist, comedian and magician, what more can you ask for in one evening? The mysteries of black holes talk was brilliantly given by Professor Cole Miller from the University of Maryland, who incorporated many practical demonstration in to his talk including juggling, magic tricks and throwing objects at the audience. It was masterfully done so that it appealed to all the different members in the audience; children, students and academics alike. We also had time at the end for him to answer some very interesting questions from the audience and below is a picture of him with the committee, Dr Christopher Berry and Professor Ilya Mandel.

Don’t just listen to us though, here’s what a member of the audience had to say:

Cole Miller

Christmas quiz

As is the tradition, the calendar year ended with the AstroSoc Chair’s Christmas quiz! It was an enjoyable event and although some teams did better than others, everyone had a great time. What a fun and enjoyable way to end 2016!

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